Friday, December 08, 2006

Made some more progress yesterday (8th Dec 2006)

Started on the DVD creation process. Figured I would get the bulk of that done and then return to the main doco for one last look through before I send it out the the QA team. 100% means edited, transcoded and imported into DVD Studio Pro.

- Main Menu Screen (100%)
- Still Sub-menus (80%)
- The full length doco (90% complete, though not transcoded)
- 'Coming October 2006' trailer (100%)
- 'Ugly as Sin' Teaser (100%)
- Restored Music Sequence (100%)
- Rare footage sequence (Remainder of what was not used in the main doco. If there is room) (50%)
- Reconstructed opening crawl (I bet you can guess which one!) (100%)
- Animatics Comparison (100%)
- Easter Egg (100%)
- Cover and Disc Design (0%)

I also managed to hook up with a guy that had some good Mark Hamill commentary. Not a great deal of it, but some good quotes nonetheless. My Yoda pupeteer contact, who I hoped to do an audio interview with is just too busy on location at the moment. So that will not be happening (at least, not for now).

I've also added the 'Restored Music Sequence' to the list about, which I failed to include in my last post. I won't give away the details just yet, but I think its a worth addition to the project.

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