Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Too Busy for Hobbies
What with a new child, moving house and some relationship problems, my hobby has taken a bit of a battering lately.  'Star Wars Begins' is still work in progress, but progress has been slow of late.  There are now two preliminary parts on youtube for your viewing pleasure.  Things will and have already be changed for the final release but each of the episodes will give you some idea of what to expect.

Furthermore, some great leads on rare material have all but dried up and I haven't had the time or motivation to chase them up.  Talk of original recordings of X-wing pilot radio talkback and an early audio mix of Star Wars have proved to be as elusive as they sound.  Though you never know!  I never expected to see the whole original Jabba scene.

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  1. Hi I just discovered your documentaries Building and Empire are magnificent, I love the format too (no narration, titles to read, this works so well, really amazing.
    I just saw your original Jabba footage, I think I remember seeing it on my Star Wars To Jedi The Making of A Saga video from way back, I still have that on video along with SPFX Empire and The Making of Star Wars, if there is anything you need toward your Star Wars documentary please shout out, I'm really looking forwards to it, but hey you need to live your life so do it when you have a free 200+ hours, because these documentries must have taken hundreds of hours of planning and editing.
    Anyway really appreciated, if you get a paypal badge up I'd gladly donate something toward hard drives etc.
    Take Care and hats off to you man you are a pretty amazing editor and a generous person to do this out of the goodness of your heart for fellow fans.