Friday, January 21, 2011

Film Details
Video: PAL 16:9 MPEG2 SL DVD (I may do a DL DVD later)
(Also released as a DiVX Download)
Audio: AC3 Audio
Duration: 2hrs 18mins (Main Feature)


Inspired by a love of the film 'Star Wars' and the idea that audio commentaries could be expanded, Jambe Davdar set out to make what he calls "the ultimate audio/visual commentary". He started the project in February 2007 and finished, four years later, in late January 2011. It was initially released to in late Jan 2011 those who contributed to the project and finally to everyone else in Feb 2011.

Software Used
Final Cut Pro 4.5
DVD Studio Pro 3
Photoshop CS
MPEG Streamclip

Project Details
Star Wars Begins is an unofficial commentary to Star Wars, offering an insight into the development and creation of film. The documentary combines video from the movie itself with seen and unseen behind the scenes footage, rare audio from the cast and crew, alternate angles, bloopers, reconstructed scenes, text facts and more to give an in-depth look at the process which brought the film to the big screen.

DVD Special Features
Restored Music Sequences
Concept Crawl


  1. Jambe, these projects look amazing, is there any way to download them other than installing some downloader program. Someone who has download links posted? Thanks either way. Deleted Magic is one of my all time favorite projects and these look to be in the same vain so I am excited to see them.

  2. Part 1 on Youtube is geoblocked by Sony. Is there any Possibility to watch this elsewhere?

  3. Chawkc - Thanks. I am sure someone will upload it somewhere. It will most likely be a torrent I guess. So you would have to download a piece of software. Unfortunately, I don't get involved in all that.

    Martin - Sorry it's blocked where you are. At the moment it is only available on youtube. Perhaps you can suggest an alternative for me to upload to.

  4. Martin - Looks like you're in luck

  5. I started watching Star Wars Begins last night at home and got thoroughly hooked. I wish Youtube wasn't blocked at work; I'd love to watch these today. Do you have any plans to make the entire movie available as a download?

    You did an outstanding job on this.... I can't wait to finish Star Wars Begins and move onto the other ones.

  6. This is incredible. Is it for sale anywhere?

  7. Will make this avail for download in its entirety or on DVD for purchase?


    Your friends from

  8. As I say on the annotation of Star Wars Begins Part 1 on youtube, these are not for sale. I have never and will never sell these on DVD.
    There are some DVD preview copies out there. Maybe somebody will upload to a torrent, but it has nothing to do with me.

  9. Jambe, your documentaries are what I always wanted to know when watching SW. As a hardcore fanboy with the original 1977 Type-A framed poster I greatly appreciate your work. Do you take paypal donations?

  10. Thanks. I don't take donations.

  11. Hello,
    Thanks for this, really.
    It is stated "Also released as a DiVX Download", but i can't find it, any idea where the link is ? (i'm not a big fan of multi-parts videos hosted on YouTube).

  12. Loved your work. Congrats! Hugs from Brazil.

  13. As a huge star wars fan i must thankyou for all of this great work.
    I've watched every doco and featurette i can on all the dvd's i can find and this is amazing. How did you get access to all of this amzing footage?
    p.s if your ever interested in a game of SW trivial pursuit im keen!

  14. Thanks to you all for such positive feedback. I don't deal with the download or upload of my projects. Visit and original for a start point. Thanks again for all your support.