Friday, February 04, 2011

Some big reviews have started coming in: - On the front page!

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Thank you, jambedavdar. This was almost like seeing the movie again for the first time.

I love the concept of a real-time documentary for the ultimate fanatics. I just spent a couple of hours watching through this one. Excellent job and thank you very much!

Best documentary i`ve EVER seen! And it`s not even an official one but a Fan made. MY god it was great. Scenes in it i`ve never seen before, dialogs i`ve never heard before. THANK YOU!

Really great and entertaining. Even long time Star Wars lovers like myself will find something new here. I can't even imagine how much time and energy went into making these. I haven't watched the Ep. V and VI versions yet, so I guess I know what I'm doing now...

And from Twitter:
The best Youtube documentary about the making of Star Wars you'll ever see.

Star Wars, But From a Different Angle

'Star Wars Begins'. An epic 2 hour, fan-made documentary. Amazing work.

Star Wars Fan-Made Documentary Awesomeness “Star Wars Begins / Return To Jedi / Building Empire

Star Wars, como nunca la viste – Star Wars Begins

INCREDIBLE fan-made making-of doc for STAR WARS: 2+ hours, unseen footage, bloopers, interviews...

Amazing Fan Made STAR WARS Documentary: That's because he's crafted a truly amazing doc on the making of SW

Can't imagine how many hrs work you put into all 3 films. This is the sort of entertainment I was hoping would be on the blu-ray!

Star Wars Begins is essentially the entirety of , but with all shit you've never heard or seen before.

The saga is complete. begins, a must view for every star wars fan . Excellent job JD:) - Adywan
Thanks so much for all the kind comments. It really makes it all worth it.


  1. Jambe this is just brilliant stuff mate! I found out about your project on Quiet Earth, and have been lapping it up since!

    I think that George Lucas, himself, would be hard pressed to make a documentary of this caliber, about the original Star Wars films!

  2. Jambe,

    I just wanted to let you know that we're featuring Star Wars Begins over at our Star Wars geek community; The Probe Droid. You can check it out here:

    Fantastic job Jambe!

  3. Massive thanks to you for sharing your enhanced versions. Well done, sir. It goes without saying that the Internet has opened the floodgate on crap. In other words, finding this stuff was a pleasant surprise. I see professional level work here and I want you to know I greatly appreciate your taking the time to put into the world what many fans and enthusiasts want(ed). This is exactly the kind of thing that the Blu-Ray release should offer. Bravo, Mr. Davdar.

  4. Hi Jambe,

    I'm writing from FHM Australia and we're interested in interviewing you for the mag about your latest Star Wars doco. Could you email me asap and let me know if you're interested either way in getting involved?
    Cheers, Dan (

  5. Congrats for getting good reviews. I've recently saw the film, picked it up from I must say, the film is excellent. It surprised me, schooled me and amused me all at once. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks everyone. So kind of you to take the time to give me such positive feedback.

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  8. Just thought I'd say thanks for creating these docs, Brilliant ! I thought I knew just about everything about the films but wow I was suprised again and again...I've passed your You tube links on to friends ;-)

    All the best !